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CSCE Awards

Fellowship and Awards

CSCE, as a national organization, has a collection of awards and fellowships, presented to dedicated and inspired professionals every year. CSCE’s Toronto Section is inviting you to nominate a colleague, or a team for one of these prestigious awards. It is important to note that nominations must remain confidential, and that no-self nominations will be accepted. Successful nominations must describe a distinguished individual who fulfills the categories for the respective award and resides within the GTHA. Don’t forget to attach the appropriate paperwork to the nomination! Winners of these awards will be honoured and presented with their certificates at our annual national conference in 2021.


We encourage everyone to review the full list of national awards, their descriptions and required supporting material, at the following link:

If you have any questions or would like to submit an award nomination to CSCE Toronto, please contact the CSCE Toronto Section Awards Coordinator, Anastasia Makeeva by sending a quick e-mail to Once CSCE Toronto electronic nominations are submitted, they will be reviewed, before being forwarded to the CSCE National Awards Coordinator.

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