Academic Liaisons

Dr. Jinyuan Liu

Jinyuan Liu is an Associate Professor at Ryerson University. He is trained with two doctorate degrees in geotechnical engineering and both MASc and BEng in structural engineering. Before joining Ryerson in 2007, he had worked for five years in the US on design and analysis of tunnelling and deep excavation and two years in Shanghai for building protection using compensation grouting. His principal fields of interest include underground excavation and tunneling, soil-structural interaction, urban geotechnology, physical modeling with transparent soil, and numerical simulation.

Dr. Panesar

Dr. Panesar, Assistant Professor, P.Eng.(Ontario), joined the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Toronto in January 2008 after completing her Ph.D. (McMaster University).  Prior to her Ph.D. program, Dr. Panesar was a Design Engineer with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) where she was involved with: the construction and commissioning of CANDU reactors; evaluation and repair; and plant life management and life extension. One broad objective of Dr. Panesar’s research program is to advance concrete technologies by investigating cement-based materials aimed to reduce environmental impacts, improve the economic feasibility and achieve desired plastic properties, mechanical properties, and long-term durability performance. Some projects currently underway include the study of: self consolidating concrete, use of limestone cements, photocatalytic concrete, and the use of reactive MgO as cement replacement.  Her research has application to transportation, building, and nuclear-related structures and infrastructure.