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Welcome to CSCE’s Toronto Section

What is the CSCE?

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) is a learned society striving to foster the profession and practice of Civil Engineering in Canada and throughout the world. Since its establishment in 1887, CSCE has been promoting the Civil Engineering profession through the development, acquisition, and exchange of professional knowledge and bringing together the experiences, achievements, and enthusiasms of the Civil Engineering as well as the stakeholder communities. CSCE enjoys the pride of having been providing a healthy and prosperous platform for the evolution of the Civil Engineering profession through the interaction of professionals, academics, industries, private institutions, the general public, governmental institutions, and like-minded organizations in Canada and abroad.


1. Enhanced Services To Members
CSCE will provide services and benefits to members within all areas of civil engineering activity, targeted to their specific career development needs

2. Growing With Youth
CSCE will develop programs and benefits that will support students and Young Professionals, targeted to their specific career development needs

3. Leadership In Sustainable Infrastructure
CSCE will influence how public infrastructure in Canada is planned, designed, constructed and maintained

Vision 2020 August 2012 Communication to Members

Discussion document from Premiers’ meeting on Infrastructure – August 6, 2014

Report from Asset Management Roundtable – March 19, 2015

CSCE Organization & the Toronto Section

The CSCE National headquarter is located in Montreal, Quebec. The headquarter provides an umbrella for several of its Technical Divisions, Technical Committees, Regional Councils, Local Sections, and Student Chapters.

  • Technical Divisions and Technical Committees organize Specialty Technical Conferences and state-of-the-art publications. Membership provides an opportunity to maintain an edge in current technical advancements in the profession.
  • The Society has Local Sections across Canada, which provide regular technical programs, supplemented with special technical workshops of special interest to the community. Through participation at the local level, members have an opportunity to keep up to date on current Civil Engineering practices, local projects, and to network with colleagues within the community.
  • Many universities that offer Civil Engineering programs have Student Chapters of CSCE located on campus.

The Toronto Section is one of the Society’s largest sections and we provide regular technical programs, supplemented with special technical workshops and seminars of interest to the civil engineering community.

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